Advice On Getting Your Boyfriend Back

There is a lot of advice on getting your boyfriend back that you can find, some of it is good but most of it is lame. Does it really sound like a good idea to beg him to take you back? It doesn’t sound good to me.

Advice On Getting Your Boyfriend Back

Advice On Getting Your Boyfriend Back

Other people will advise you to play games and try to make him jealous and though that may work, do you really want a relationship based on jealousy? Before you say you don’t care remember that this type of relationship will not last.  As soon as your guy knows he has you back or as soon as the old problems start to surface again your relationship will be over, again.

Without resorting to games, trickery or even love spells how about just apologizing for what you did wrong? Sounds simple doesn’t it? Now, I’m not suggesting that the whole breakup was your fault, but more than likely you did one or two things wrong. It can’t hurt to apologize for that.

Another benefit of acknowledging your mistakes is that it will give you a chance to make changes. That way if you and your guy do get back together you won’t just repeat the same mistakes all over again and continue to cause each other pain.

That one piece of advice on getting your boyfriend back is good even if the two of you fail to reunite. At least you will know what things not to do in your next relationship. Either way, you win if you take the time to figure out your mistakes and make changes.

When you do contact him to apologize, keep it short and sweet. Tell him you realize you  made some mistakes and that you are truly sorry for any pain you may have caused him.

Do not make it a production: no crying or begging. And do not expect him to immediately take you back, right on the spot. He will most likely not. But he may think about it for a while and decide that based on the ‘new’ more mature you that he would like to give things a second try.

If he doesn’t immediately take you back, give him space. Don’t contact him for a while. Let him have time to think things over and decide for himself what he wants to do. If you pester him you will most likely just make the situation worse.

During this period, don’t sit by the phone and wait for his call. Live your life. Do something to make you feel really good about yourself, and making yourself look really hot can’t hurt either. Spend time with friends. Do not just sit around and worry, that will make time seem to go much more slowly.

If you follow this advice on getting your boyfriend back you will stand a much better chance of being successful than if you choose to follow the advice that suggests you play games and try to make him jealous. It’s up to you, good luck.

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