Have You Been Looking Into Marriage Encounters

Marriage encounters is a course run by the Catholic Church which began in the 1960′s. It is advertised as a unique opportunity for couples to spend time together exploring their relationship. It is not specifically aimed at those having marriage problems as the speakers do not offer advice or counseling. Other religious groups will offer a similar program for their members. If you are interested but are not a Catholic speak to your religious adviser about what they offer.

Have You Been Looking Into Marriage Encounters

Have You Been Looking Into Marriage Encounters

It is more about building up togetherness in the relationship and helping a couple to survive the period in every marriage that happens when the initial love and lust has started to wear off. Is it worth going on one of these weekends? Well that really depends on your view point. Some people find it a wonderful experience while others are not all that impressed. I would suggest that you don’t pressure your partner into going and only attend one of these events if both of you are keen. Don’t be afraid that it will be a religious event as most couples don’t come away with that impression. It is all about finding the right way and time to speak to your partner. Simply taking time out of your life to concentrate on your relationship is always a good thing. Going away on a weekend where it is just the two of you makes it rather difficult not to spend some time discussing your issues and feelings. Even the best relationships need some attention and love as otherwise they will not last.

If you are having marriage difficulties and want to get some help, there are specific places to look. You can try marriage counseling offered by your Church, religious group or a local charity in your area. You can also try reading some good self help materials such as the Magic Of Making Up. If both partners read this book, you are almost guaranteed to find some improvement in your relationship as it will teach you how to speak to one another in a constructive way.

There are some warning signs that your relationship is in trouble. For example if you never spend time together on your own, you need to address this. If you find that you cannot think of things to talk about other than your kids or your money problems, this may also be a sign that there are issues that need addressing. If you fail to make a connection in bed or outside it, you probably should get some help to avoid any minor problems becoming bigger.

Every relationship is different – what some couples find romantic others find overwhelming but if you have been together for any length of time, your instincts will tell you if there is a problem. Don’t ignore it. Perhaps the marriage encounters weekend may be a good idea if only to force you into each others company for a couple of days.

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