Break Up And Get Back Together Game

If the two of you are playing the break up and get back together game over and over and over again it is probably safe to say that there are issues that need to be addressed. One or both of you may have some type of commitment issues or maybe you just do not know how to communicate with each other effectively.

Break Up And Get Back Together Game

Break Up And Get Back Together Game

If you are tired of the game you can always just call it quits and try to move on or you can try to learn effective communication techniques and even learn to get over your commitment issues. There is someone for everyone and if you think you have found that someone then you need to figure out why you are playing these games.

Insecurities can play a big role in how we behave and my guess is that insecurities of some nature are behind the break up and get back together games that are being played.

Maybe you feel you are unlovable because of something that happened when you were young. Maybe he is trying to control you and keep you running back to him every time you break up. Maybe you both just like all the drama. Who knows, but if the games are getting tiresome and you want to stop and just have a normal relationship then my suggestion is, go see a couples counselor and get some help figuring out what the heck you two are doing to each other.

A good counselor can help you find the origin of the problem or problems that the two of you cannot seem to get around and help you work through them. If you really want to stay together you need to learn to break the old, hurtful dynamic of your relationship and form a new, more fulfilling one.

You have probably worn all your friends out trying to talk to them and asking for their help in figuring things out so much that when they see you coming they cringe in fear or run away screaming because the conversation always turns out to be all about you and the most recent break up.

Try talking to each other and try to agree to go see someone who can help on a professional basis. If you are all gung ho about learning how to have a better relationship and your mate is not then go by yourself. When they see the positive changes in you after you have been going for a while then they will probably give in and start going along with you. It is never too late to learn how to be a better partner in a relationship.

If you do decide to go together the counselor will probably give you couples homework. Exercises you can do at home together to strengthen your relationship and learn how to communicate on a different level. Trust will grow and insecurities will fade. They may not go away altogether but they will turn out to be so insignificant that they will no longer have a negative affect on your relationship. You will finally be able to stop playing the break up and get back together game and have a much more trusting, loving, fulfilling relationship.

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