Breaking Up Getting Back Together – Do It

After breaking up getting back together will not be an easy thing to do. Forgiving and forgetting past mistakes will take some effort and maybe even some counseling. Before we get to that point let’s talk about things you can do on your own and together that may bring you back together first.

Breaking Up Getting Back Together - Do It

Breaking Up Getting Back Together - Do It

If whatever caused you to break up in the first place was relatively minor all it might take to get back together is a sincere apology. Saying you are sorry and meaning it can go a long way toward healing the hurt you caused. If he/she accepts your apology then everything is not lost and you can probably work your way back to being a happy couple.

Do not rush things, however, be careful not to make things worse by appearing desperate and demanding that they take you back. After breaking up getting back together and making it work the second time around is a process that cannot be rushed.

When you both have had enough time to calm down and let the hurt subside, then give your ex a call and ask to meet. If they agree to meet you, do not be late. Show them the respect they deserve and show up on time. Talk about the good times you had and keep things light. Do not get into any heavy conversation on this first meeting. There will be enough time for that later.

If all goes well on this first meeting then ask them to go with you to dinner or a movie. Afterward suggest a walk in the park and broach the subject of how you are feeling and the possibility of getting back together. They may tell you that they feel the same way you do or they may say they need more time to think. Respect their decision and back off for a while.

You can take away from the second meeting the knowledge that you planted the seed and gave them something to think about. Give them a couple of days to mull it over and then call them to just talk. Let them steer the conversation at this point and just be a good listener. You have stated your case and now the ball is in their court and you must be patient. If you get angry or seem desperate then the whole thing will blow up in your face.

If they do not give you an answer right away, plan a fun date like going to an amusement park or something. Do not treat it like you would a normal date. Tell them when you are going and that you have an extra ticket if they want to go along. If they agree to go, just have fun, do not talk about getting back together. This will be a good opportunity to show them how you have changed.

Keep in mind that after breaking up getting back together can be a whole new beginning for the two of you. Live each day to the fullest and do not take each other for granted. Life is too short to be without the one you love.

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