How To Make Her Fall In Love With Me Again – Make It Right

If you want to know “how to make her fall in love with me again”, than the first thing you should realize is that you can’t ‘make’ someone love you. However, there are things that you can do that can remind her of the man she used to love ( and maybe still does but just needs to remember). Many relationships can fall into a rut, the longer the two of you have been together, the greater the risk for that.

How To Make Her Fall In Love With Me Again - Make It Right

How To Make Her Fall In Love With Me Again - Make It Right

The good news is that you can overcome that issue. One thing you should do is talk to your girl. Ask her if there is a problem. Many times people will ask their partner what the problem is but if their partner tells them something they don’t want to hear they get mad. If that has happened with you and your girl before, don’t be surprised if she just isn’t in the mood for a fight so she’ll just say there is nothing wrong. If that’s the case, you are going to have to take time to rebuild her trust in you. You will need to show her that you can listen without getting mad.

If she simply doesn’t know what the problem is, and if she’s just getting bored she may not even realize it herself, than what you need to do is go back in time. OK, not literally. But more than likely if you take the time to think about it, you’ve changed. Many times we change over a period of time and the changes can be so subtle that we may not even realize we’re doing it. Try to pinpoint the less than positive changes you’ve made.

A lot of times it can be something as simple as just not having the dreams we once used to have. Depending on what your dreams were that may be ok. If you always dreamed of being a rock star, it might be best to get over that and find another passion. If your dream was to go to college that is much more attainable and maybe you shouldn’t give up on that dream. Those dreams could very well be a part of what attracted your girl to you in the first place.

Another thing that you need to look at is how has your attitude toward your girl changed since the two of you have been together? For example, did you use to compliment your girl on the way she looked, or you made her a special meal once a week, etc.? Do you still do these things? This type of behavior, unfortunately, seems to be one of the first things to go in a long term relationship (and then people wonder why the romance has died).

To learn how to make her fall in love with me again might be a lot easier than you think. In a lot of cases all you have to do is spend some time figuring out the ways you’ve changed and then try to be more like the man you used to be, the man she fell in love with. This is often all you will need to do.

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