Can I Make My Boyfriend Love Me Again – Really

Going through a break up is always a stressful thing. Even the best of break ups take their mental and emotional toll. Chances are you feel confused, hurt, angry and a bit guilty…yet…you can’t seem to get your boyfriend out of your thoughts. You know things can’t quite ever be the same, but you are wondering “can I make my boyfriend love me again?” That’s a great question, and the answer is that there is a good chance that you can do just that, but only if you’re willing to do whatever it takes.

It’s true that no two people are alike, and that also extends to relationships. Each one is different. You know your boyfriend better than just about anyone, so it’s up to you to apply the following advice in a way that is best for you, your boyfriend and your relationship. However, there is one common thread that runs through every single relationship, and that is that it takes two people. So, while you may be blaming your boyfriend for breaking up with you, you still played some role in the events leading up to the split. There is a catch here, though. Even though there are two people responsible for the relationship, there is only one person you can change, and that’s you.

So, as long as you are the only one you have any real power over, it makes sense that you need to take care of yourself first. And that can only happen if you break off all contact with your boyfriend for now. You don’t need him clouding your thoughts. Yes, you miss him and want him back, but he also needs some time alone. Besides, if you keep pestering him you will push him even further away. Work on yourself during this time away from him. “Can I make my boyfriend love me again” is a good question, but you have to love yourself first. Eat right, exercise, go out with friends, and live your life are all important steps in the right direction.

Once you start feeling better, and you are thinking more clearly, it’s time to figure out what really went wrong. This isn’t always as easy as it sounds, but it’s important to get this step right. The problem is that we often consider those things which are on the surface, but those are only the symptoms of the underlying issues. For example, arguing isn’t really the problem, it’s whatever is causing the arguing. Again, this step isn’t going to be easy, but you have to do it so you can fix the parts of your relationship that are actually broken.

Now that you have done those things, you can contact your ex again. All you want here is a chance to talk to him face-to-face. Stay calm and positive and take things slowly. Do these things right and you will get a positive answer to your question of, “can I make my boyfriend love me again?”

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