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Emotional Infidelity What It Is And How To Recognize It

Emotional infidelity is almost always the first step on the road to cheating, and may well be considered cheating its own right. There is far more to a relationship than just have a physical relationship with only one person and one person only. The truly satisfying and meaningful part of a relationship is the bond you share with the other person.

The emotional connection is a deep and integral part…

7 Effective Tips To Help Save Marriage

Statistically speaking, nearly sixty percent of marriages fail. Many couples are looking into ways to avoid becoming that statistic. Although some marriages cannot be fixed, many can. It takes dedication and determination on the part of both the husband and the wife to help save their marriage, regardless of what the underlying problems are or who is at fault.

The following are some effective tips to help save marriage. However, for…

Can I Get My Husband To Love Me Again

Can I get my husband to love me again? What a tough position to be in. It’s unbearably hard to be in love with someone who doesn’t seem to still be in love with you. This situation is even worse when that person is your spouse, the one person who is supposed to love you unconditionally.

It’s just a sad reality that sometimes couples drift apart. Even though it’s sad, it…

How To Save Your Relationship After Adultery

After adultery a relationship is the weakest it’s ever likely to be, but this can be a good thing. This sounds like it is hard to believe, but the truth is that the time after adultery is also the time that can make or break a relationship, which can be a huge opportunity.

Nobody likes to be cheated on. Nobody should be cheated on. But cheating isn’t the problem, it’s the…


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